Chicago School Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Lawsuit

By Gordon S. Johnson, Jr. 312 767-9383 November 3, 2015. The Brain Injury Law Group, Attorney Gordon Johnson, filed the first lawsuit against the Chicago Public Schools in the Prussing Elementary School carbon monoxide poisoning event today. Named as defendants are the Board of Education of the City of Chicago, the Chicago Public School District(…)

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy for Prussing Elementary

By Gordon S. Johnson, Jr. 312-787-9383   Tuesday November 3, 2015. It is now probably too late for those children at Prussing Elementary School in Chicago who suffered from carbon monoxide poisoning to get hyperbaric oxygen treatment. News reports indicate that all children were treated and released, having survived unscathed from the scare. Sadly, that isn’t(…)

Put Carbon Monoxide Detectors Where People Are

By Gordon S. Johnson, Jr. 312-787-9383 The carbon monoxide poisoning event at Prussing Elementary School in Chicago demonstrates a big problem on going cheap on carbon monoxide detectors: the detectors need to be placed where the people are, not just in furnace rooms. Putting one detector in a boiler room gives the illusion of safety(…)

Prussing Elementary School Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Announced by School

By Gordon S. Johnson, Jr. 312-787-9383 Prussing Elementary School Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Announced The following press release was put on the Prussing Elementary School website: October 30, 2015 Dear Prussing Community: Earlier today, Prussing was evacuated due to elevated carbon monoxide (CO) levels in the building. Prussing students have been relocated to Smyser Elementary, 4310(…)

Prussing Elementary in Chicago Evacuated for Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

By Gordon S. Johnson, Jr. 312-787-9383 Northwest Chicago’s Prussing Elementary School is evacuated for carbon monoxide poisoning, yet the first words associated with such report in a school is scare. This wasn’t a scare, it was a carbon monoxide poisoning. Just because no one died, doesn’t mean everyone will be alright. That isn’t the way it works.(…)