Follow Up Necessary in Evanston Carbon Monoxide Case

The Evanston carbon monoxide case happened Monday morning, sending eight people to the hospital. Although the Chicago Tribune article says everyone seems to be okay, there is a risk for carbon monoxide poisoning victims to suffer permanent brain damage after prolonged exposure. In a study out of Brigham Young University, researchers found estimates as high as(…)

Evanston carbon monoxide poisoning possibly caused by furnace problems

What you can do about your furnace The Evanston carbon monoxide poisoning caused the evacuation of the building with levels of 200 ppm in the two-flat residence. Although the source of the leak is still unknown, a common problem this time of year is with furnaces, especially if they have not been run over the(…)

Evanston Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Investigation Pending

The Evanston carbon monoxide poisoning sent eight people to the hospital. The source of the carbon monoxide was apparently a blocked furnace exhaust vent. The levels of carbon monoxide in the residences were 200 ppm. Dangerous levels of carbon monoxide are generally considered to be above 100 ppm with people experiencing symptoms of carbon monoxide(…)

Evanston Carbon Monoxide Poisoning and Possible Brain Damage

The source of the Evanston carbon monoxide poisoning yesterday was apparently a blocked furnace exhaust vent, according to the Chicago Tribune. The news about the event consistently reported levels of 200 ppm in the Evanston two-flat when the firefighters measured carbon monoxide levels. The normal level of carbon monoxide that should be in the home(…)

Evanston Carbon Monoxide Incident Sends Eight To Hospital

An Evanston carbon monoxide poisoning sent eight residents to the hospital Monday morning, according to Evanston Patch. Evanston fire crews responded to a call that a carbon monoxide detector was going off in a two-flat in the 1400 block of Pitner Avenue.   The eight people that resided in the building were all taken to(…)

In Honor of My Neighbor Thomas Harding

By Gordon Johnson 312-767-9383 I want to share the Thanksgiving message of one of my best friends in the legal field, Thomas Harding of Vancouver, British Columbia. Tom is brilliant, empathetic, unusual and someone who it is always worth listening to, regardless of how he shakes up my own beliefs. Tom – I am proud(…)

Can Chicago Public Schools Afford More Carbon Monoxide?

By Gordon S. Johnson, Jr. 312-787-9383 Chicago Public Schools Superintendent Forest Claypool continues to talk about budget issues with respect to repairing the dangerous condition of the heating, ventilating and air condition systems (HVAC) systems in the Chicago Public Schools. Yet, while he was talking about what caused the carbon monoxide poisoning at Prussing Elementary School,(…)

Carbon Monoxide in Chicago Public School Again

Carbon Monoxide Strikes At Shields Elementary School By Gordon S. Johnson, Jr. 312-787-9383 How many more people will get carbon monoxide poisoning in a Chicago Public School before the Chicago Public Schools gets carbon monoxide detectors installed in all places that the people are in these schools? Wednesday we were in Prussing Elementary School inspecting(…)

Boiler or Chimney System at Fault for Prussing Elementary?

By Gordon S. Johnson, Jr. 312-787-9383 Is it the boiler or the chimney system at Fault for Prussing Elementary School Carbon Monoxide poisoning? In an excellent investigative piece, Phil Huckelberry uncovers significant neglect in the way in which the Chicago Public Schools maintained the boiler system at Prussing Elementary School in Chicago. See Parents Still Steaming,(…)

Principal Wrong about Chicago Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

By Gordon S. Johnson, Jr. 312 767-9383 Tuesday, November 3, 2015. Dr. George Chipain, the Principal of the Prussing Elementary School on the northwest side of Chicago told parents on Monday that the school was making sure that the children have a “safe and welcoming environment”, even though on Friday, the school was evacuated for carbon(…)